10 Things To Avoid When You Have Fever


10 Things To Avoid When You Have Fever

Fever is a common disease and not a serious illness but can be a dangerous one if not handled properly. We feel fever when the internal body temperature increases above 37°C and temperature above 38°C is called as fever. The process of body temperature is controlled by the hypothalamus of the brain. When hypothalamus sends signal direct the body to warm or cool down accordingly the body respond to the order. As per the instruction of the signal, the body start to shiver, changes happens to the muscle, the blood vessels shrink and body begin to produce a hormone epinephrine.

Common cold related fever is easy to treat. Even if you don’t take any treatment, it is okay if you can take 3-5 days complete bed rest. A simple dosage of paracetamol can take care of the issue. Let us examine here 10 things to avoid when the fever hits you.

  1. Restrict traveling: When you are hit with fever it is better to avoid all kind of travel and sport activities. If your body is subjected to shaking, the fever will get aggravated.
  2. Do not expose to the cold wind: Do not expose to cold wind. If you are venturing out, try to cover your ears with a woolen muffler. The cold wind hitting in the ear may aggravate your fever conditions.
  3. Do not take a bath: It is advised not to take body wash or complete bathing. Do not let your head get wet. It may complicate your fever.
  4. No ice cream or cold food: Avoid eating ice cream or cold food. Take foods that are mildly hot.
  5. No solid food: Avoid taking solid oily food. It is better to have light foods that are liquid in nature or juice type or porridge type, as they are easy to digest.
  6. Do not take too many vitamins: People do believe that taking vitamin C is good to reduce fever. But the latest study reveals that too much vitamin C will be a reason for diarrhea. Vitamin C shall reduce the infected stage of fever but there no considerable evidence to confirm the fact.
  7. Over the counter medicine for kids: Children under the age of 4 should not be given any over the counter medicine to stop fever. The medicine has to be administered under the supervision of professional health practitioner.
  8. Careful about herbal medicines: There is no scientific proof to confirm the ability of Echinacea can cure fever. There is also no evidence to confirm garlic also can cure fever. So be careful in using herbal medicines.
  9. Do not use rubbing alcohol: It is a myth that rubbing alcohol can bring down fever. Please do not do this. Alcohol is absorbed by the skin and may create other health related issues.
  10. Big no to Aspirin: As a general recommendation, never consume aspirin, unless it is approved by a medical practitioner.

Improving immune system is the best thing to resist the fever infection. So you can plan your food in such a way that is not cold. You can have lukewarm water, juice or light meals that are hot and keeping your body responding to the treatment. Avoid anything that can aggravate the fever.

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