5 facts about breast cancer women need to know


5 facts about breast cancer women need to know

Today, most of the people dying due to breast cancer are the women. Most of them do not take the initiative to go for screening so that in case the lumps are present, proper measures can be taken to provide appropriate aid to the victims. It is unfortunate that most of them are either naïve or they just neglect it. Since all women are predisposed to it, it is important that they take their time to skim through this content so that they can be well versed with these 5 facts. They are specific to breast cancer. Taking keen attention while studying them can reduce the incidence.

Cancer can affect women at all age levels

Most women have such a mind that breast cancer is a disease that only affects the older and mature women at the age of 50 years and above. This is not true. As a woman, you need to know that even though old people are more affected, young women are also at risk. The recent findings indicate that a good number of the affected women were between the age of 20 and 50 years. With this knowledge in mind, most of them will be able to seek early diagnosis and hence treatment of the same. This can help to reduce this and prevent the victims from facing the complications that arise when the condition advances to higher grades.

Early detection is not a cure but it can help

As already said, women starting from the age of 20 years need to go for a medical checkup so that they can be screened for breast cancer. Some of them hold on the notion that once the disease has been detected early, that forms the end of everything. If you are one of such people, you might soon some greater consequences that are attached to its advanced stages. Once the doctor screens for it and you turn out to be positive, the next step should focus on how the lumps will be removed. Also take the full dosage of the medication that your doctor might prescribe for you.

The only sign is not the presence of a lump

Although it is true that the lump forms the basis of the existence of this disease, there are still other vital signs and symptoms that are importance in the diagnosis of the same. For instance, the patient might be complaining of chest pain the area related to the breast. Others include an itchy feeling around the breast, physical changes in the nipple appearance and swelling appearance on the breast. A combination of all these factors can provide excellent results for the diagnosis.

The disease exists in many types

Most people only believe that breast cancer entails only a single class. This belief is not true. There are classes of the same. A good example is triple negative and the estrogen positive.

Breast cancer is not only for women but also for men

Although women form the most victims, the disease can as well affect men. It presents with the same signs and symptoms just like in women.

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