5 reasons Why women shouldn’t opt for breast implants


5 reasons Why women shouldn’t opt for breast implants

The grass is greener on the other side of the fence – people are never happy with what they have. They want to be fairer, darker, thinner, taller, shorter, bulkier, and slimmer, and so on than what they are! Women usually have an issue with their breasts – they often labor under the misconception that they will look attractive only with big breasts, and many go in for ‘boob jobs’. But it’s not a walk in the park. Here are 5 reasons why women shouldn’t opt for breast implants:


According to the FDA, the longer a woman has the implants, the higher the risk of developing complications like breast pain, atrophy, implant leak, capsular contraction, or even toxic shock syndrome. It is highly possible that you will need additional surgery in the near future – exactly when, depends on the individual.

Breast implants are subject to breaking and leakage, with every passing year posing an additional risk. They can get ruptured while having mammograms, or playing contact sports, or heavy duty exercise at the gym too.


You may be subject to long-term risks like connective tissue diseases, lactation difficulties and even reproductive problems. The FDA has also identified a possible link between these implants and the development of a rare type of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma called anaplastic large cell lymphoma (tumor of the lymph). Women with breast implants are at an increased risk of developing ALCL in the scar tissue or fluid that surrounds the implant.


If you find that your breasts are asymmetrical, or not positioned properly, or are deflated – basically any cosmetic problem with your breasts, when detected, would essentially call for additional surgery. A lifetime of corrective surgeries is one of the most frightening of the 5 reasons why women shouldn’t opt for breast implants.


Implants themselves don’t come cheap; frequent surgeries will only add to your financial burden – even your insurance costs are highly likely to spiral with all these surgeries. Consider whether it is really necessary to spend your hard earned money on something so superfluous.


Implants can make your breasts look hard and rigid – and completely unnatural! When you touch them, you will feel like you’re holding concrete. Is that what you want? Breasts undergo several changes throughout a woman’s life – they never remain the same. From puberty to pregnancy and childbirth and even menopause – they change in size, and often in shape. But implants will never let you feel this natural process, and that is a bit sad!

There are serious life threatening and long-term health and financial risks associated with breast implants. You need to monitor them closely continuously, to check for leaks, ruptures and so on. It makes far more sense for you to accept the body that Mother Nature gave you – every woman is beautiful. Your beauty does NOT depend on the size of your breasts! Whenever you’re thinking of getting them, stop and think about these 5 reasons why women shouldn’t opt for breast implants first!

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