5 Things You Must Avoid In Diabetes


5 Things You Must Avoid In Diabetes

Diabetes is a most common disease and is medically termed as diabetes mellitus. There are mainly three types of diabetes, and they are Type 1 DM, Type 2 DM, and Gestational diabetes. Diabetes is a long-term disease and required continued monitoring. It could not be treated completely but can be regulated and kept in check. The treatment method includes prevention, by having a healthy diet, body workout, maintaining body mass, avoiding sugar contents foods and tobacco. Now let us check 5 things you must avoid in diabetes.
Regulated food intake, avoidance of particular food intake, regular body work and reduction of body mass is very important to bring diabetes under control. If these valuable tips are not adhered then, the patient is risking his life, though it is unintentional.

1  Reduced consumption of sugar:



Sugar is carbohydrate. Diabetes patients must lessen the intake of food items that contains carbohydrates or glucose. Since diabetes is a metabolic disorder, the patient should not take more glucose or carbohydrates which can produce more glucose in the body. Actually, sugar is required in our body, which is in the form of glucose in the blood. Glucose is essential for the body to create energy and help the growth of the body. However, glucose cannot work alone without the support of insulin which is produced by the pancreas. The glucose is converted into glycogen with the help of insulin and stored in the liver. The balance portion is used by the body. In a diabetic patient, this process is impaired and hence he should not take more sugar or carbohydrate content food. Also, avoid juice that contains carbohydrates and sugar.

2  No more heavy body workouts:

A diabetes patient should not be advised to do heavy body workout. Doing moderate exercises is good. A diabetes patient shall not have enough glucose level in the blood to supply the required energy to the body. The patient may soon reach a level known as hypoglycemia which will further complicate his health conditions.

3  Heavy body mass:

A diabetes patient should not be allowed to put on weight. When the body has too much mass, the body required more energy which is usually very low in a diabetes patient. Overweight people will also show a tendency to resist insulin.

4  Starving:

Starving or even religious fasting is not recommended for a diabetes patient. During starving or fasting, the glucose level will be very less, and the patient may soon slip to hypoglycemia. If at all a patient wants to take fasting, it should not be done for a longer period. If the glucose level is low for a longer period, that can severely affect the healthy condition and risky for the life.

5  Avoid getting injured

Nobody will purposely get hurt. If a person knew that he is diabetic, then it is better to avoid getting hit by injuries. A diabetes patient does have the problem of getting the wound healed in an average condition. The injured area may hit with infection, and can lead to complications. In a chronic condition, sometimes the patient may have to face amputation. So avoid or minimize taking a risky job where a patient may get injured.

In addition to the above 5 things you must avoid in diabetes, there are still more things a diabetes patient must know what must be avoided. They are dehydration, stress, excess consumption of food, taking medicine without consulting a doctor, etc. Diabetes needs to be addressed carefully. If not, the patient may face life-threatening complications.

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