5 Things to do when you are pregnant


5 Things to do when you are pregnant

There are so many things in life that can not be expressed through words or emotions. Carrying a life in the womb and becoming a mom is one of the fantastic experiences in life, which is no word can express. You have to experience it. Pregnancy is an important turning in point in a woman’s life and so is becoming a father. These two positions make a lot of changes in life with added responsibility.
During pregnancy period, you require a lot of attention and care, particularly the first three months. There is nothing to scare about it. Getting pregnant is a natural process, and related developments are part of pregnancy, there will be a lot of physical changes happening in the body. Nature has the incredible ability to prepare a woman for her new life. It is a gradual process continues for 40 weeks.
Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last period, and the conception happens two weeks later. So the actual pregnancy period excluding the conception week can be calculated as 38 weeks. Pregnancy is divided into three trimesters. The first trimester is of the first 12 weeks from the conception. The second trimester is week 13 to 28 and third from 29 to the last week. Even after the delivery the woman’s body will have a lot of changes.
In this article, we are discussing 5 important things during pregnancy.

1. Start from the missing date: You are there; your travel towards motherhood begins from the moment you realize that you are carrying. The first step is to your pregnancy confirmed by a clinical/laboratory test. Now a day you can get the test done at home by using the pregnancy home test kits. However, meet your gynecologist and take medical advice related to diet, healthy habits, and tips of exercise what can do and what should not. Control your emotional level and try to maintain a cool presence of mind.

2. No to drugs and alcohol: It is advised avoid alcohol and drugs during pregnancy. It can affect the growth of the baby and may be a reason for deformation. Even passive smoking is not safe for the fetus; hence keep a distance even if there is a passive smoking chance. Avoid, heavy caffeine drinks, unpasteurized milk, and the half or uncooked meat or fish items.

3.Medicine: Avoid taking strong drugs and harmful antibiotics. Do not consume any medications that are available over the counter. It is always better to consult your gynecologist before you take such medicines even if it is recommended by a non-gynecologist doctor.

4.Pregnancy compatible food: Try to have healthy foods, and fruits that are very colorful. Walnut, eggs, milk, yogurt, beans, etc., are good food. Whenever you crave for food, have it. Drink more water.

5.Cool presence: It is advised to avoid arguments and jobs that create tension for you. Engage in something that can make you happy. Join with friends who are a good companion and who can make you happy.

In addition to all these, you have to get mentally prepared to accept the fact that you are going to become a mother. There will be a lot of responsibilities to shoulder being a mother. Try to read books that can give some valuable information related to pregnancy and how you can do a natural delivery. All these mental preparation will help you to pass through the new stage of life comfortably adding color to your life.

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