7 Shocking Food Industry Truths


7 Shocking Food Industry Truths

There you are, you want a dessert for tonight and breakfast so you run into the store and grab a box of cookies and some marshmallow cereal. You may want to think twice. Food is such an important part of life, but most people do not really think about where their food comes from, or the quality of it. Once you learn a little bit more about what goes on in the food industry, you might take some more time to consider what you are eating. Here are 7 shocking food industry truths everyone should know:

1    A Few Companies Make the Majority of the Food

When you look around the grocery store, you see tons of different products and this may lead you to think that there is a variety of different food suppliers. The truth is that most of these brands are owned by just a handful of different corporations. Your food is their profits.

2    Sugar is Addictive which is Why 3 out of 4 Products Contain it

Sugar triggers the reward center in the brain and this can cause many people to end up in what is called a reward cycle. Food companies know that sugar can cause a level of dependency in the consumer, so they add sugar to products to cause a craving for their brand.

3    The Industrial Food System Produces Polluted Proteins

Industrial farms tend to be crowded and dirty environments. The meats that come off these farms will often have elevated levels of different medications, toxins and viruses that the animals are exposed to during their lifetime. Yikes, look for free range meats.

4    Artificial Sweeteners are Toxic and Make You Gain Weight

People usually go with foods that have artificial sweeteners because they think that they will help them to lose weight. However, studies have shown that many of these products can be toxic and for some people, they can also contribute to weight gain.

5    GMOs Have Shown to be Potentially Dangerous & Outlawed Elsewhere

In some countries, like the U.S., the vast majority of foods on the shelves contain at least one GMO ingredient. Some studies have shown that this could be troubling. There are indications that GMOs could contribute to things like aging, allergies and digestive disorders. Some countries have even gone as far as banning GMO products altogether.

6    Trans Fats are Dangerous but Profitable

Trans fats were once a very popular food component because they can make for less expensive foods and foods that keep longer. That being said, it has now become known that they do create an increased risk for heart disease too. In spite of this fact, many food companies still use them, so it is important to keep your eye on the food labels.

7    Food Dyes Are Used to Attract Children and Make Food Appetizing

Food dyes can often be employed to make food look more appealing. A lot of processed foods do not have the most appetizing look to them without food dye, but can be given a more attractive appearance with them. This is a common practice with many of the colorful processed foods that are marketed toward children, like Trix or Lucky Charms cereals for example. Unfortunately, these dyes are being found to cause behavioral issues in children.
The food industry can be a very dark place when you really dig into it. If you want to make sure that you are doing the best that you can for your body, then you need to be aware of the potential dangers and take steps to make sure that you are buying the organic foods from quality sources.

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