Cardio Vs Weight Training – What’s Better For You?


Cardio Vs Weight Training – What’s Better For You?

Your body represents an intense reflection of your personality. It’s your body that gets you the appreciation of being sexy, but you seem to be mistaken if you tag the very word ‘fit’ to a destination as it represents the style and way of living. Exercise also comes with segments, considering its different benefits, exercise commonly is of two types, cardiovascular exercises and Weight training exercise.

Cardio exercise involves any movement that will get your heart eat rate up resulting in the increase of blood circulation through each of your nerves and veins. Whether pounding the pavements, climbing unending stairs, jumping in a playful mood comes under the umbrella of cardio exercises.

These exercises help in energy output from your body, the more you run more you see your calories getting burned. Judging the different portion of the plate, weight training involves practice with free weights such as dumbbells or barbells. However, performing cardio exercises seems to be much easier than raising weights while they both brings you different benefits for your body.

Young? Then run. With age? Join a Gym

Cardio exercises stands to be the most useful for people practicing them. They bring good luck for your heart. Getting your heart pump at a higher rate helps you to be in shape and healthy. While the practice of cardio exercise involves running, jumping, climbing that suits the nature of young people perfectly, whereas, for the middle aged persons they face a problem adjusting such exercises.

While simply performing aerobics and walking is not enough and this calls for the necessity of weight training. The benefits that is left with the practice of cardio exercises is fulfilled by weight training exercise. The requirement of both is very much essential to maintain a fit body making you internally young.

Improve Your Hormonal Profile, Cardio is your choice

Cardiovascular exercise has an effective result in your hormonal profile. This helps in releasing ‘feel good’ hormones that acts as a medicine for your depression and fatigue along with releasing hormones that decreases your appetite.

Worried About Diabetes? Cardio exercise is the medicine

If you are a diabetic patient. Cardio for you is essential. These exercises seem to have the power to control such condition by utilizing glucose of your body. With regular exercise, people have proper control of their blood sugar level, thus preventing the risks that come with high blood sugar.

Prevent The Risk Of Osteoporosis, Join Gym

Proper management of strong muscles and keeping bones stronger, reduces the risk of fractures for osteoporosis. Weight exercises that involve using weight machines, lifting up free weights or resistance bands invest in building and preserving muscle mass and strength.

Cardio Or Weight Exercise: An Overview

Exercise being an essential factor for proper maintenance of your health should be adopted by each and every person. Where cardio exercises aim at releasing energy output from your body, increasing your metabolism rate. Moreover, this has an active participation in keeping diabetes under check and flushing out hormones that reduces the appetite level. While, weight training exercise comprises of lifting weights that enhances the quality of your bones. The combination of both cardio and weight exercise is what results to a fit body.

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