What causes Erectile Dysfunction in men?


What causes Erectile Dysfunction in men?

Erectile dysfunction in men is basically a medical condition where the patient finds it difficult to have or hold the erection. It is an embarrassing condition for men and in some cases, the penis only becomes partially erect, and this holds him back from enjoying sex. ED happens mainly because of limited blood flow to the penis. The condition can be terribly bad and can affect your personal life and sex life.

What can be the causes of erectile dysfunction?

Before discussing the causes of ED, let’s look into how an erection happens normally. When you are aroused sexually, the brain sends messages regarding the same through nerves to your penis. Certain chemicals called neurotransmitters are released by nerve muscles and they, in turn, produce Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) which increases blood flow to your genital area. The rapid blood flow immediately swells up the penis which is called as an erection. During sex, cGMP is produced, and when you stop having sex, its level falls, and the blood flow to your penis is again back to normal. This is when your penis returns to the old non-erect state.
The causes of erectile dysfunction in men can be mainly divided into two types: Physical and Psychological.

Physical causes

Generally, the cause of ED is restricted blood flow to the penis which can commonly occur in men over 40 years of age. But younger men who have high blood pressure or cholesterol can also have erection problems which happen due to narrowing of blood arteries in the penis. Diabetes is also another common cause of erection problems as it affects the blood vessels and their flow. Certain diseases like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s diseases or stroke can also affect the nerves in the penis and thereby result in ED. Testosterone being an important sex hormone, lack of the hormone can also cause you problems with your erection, Injury to the nerves in the penis, side effects of medicines, smoking, alcohol intake and the venous leak can be the other causes which result in erectile dysfunction.

Psychological causes

In a healthy male who doesn’t have any physical problems, various psychological causes can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. Depression, stress or anxiety can be the culprits or reason for you to develop ED suddenly. But when you realize the situation and your mental state improve, the problem will resolve without any further treatment as in the case of any other medical condition. In some men, ED can always be there and never had an erection at all. This rare condition happens due to psychological reasons if there is no other deformity issue.
If you have erection problems, and you suspect it can be erectile dysfunction, you need to consult a doctor and discuss the details with him/ her. Sometimes a referral to a specialist might be needed, and there are a lot of treatments available for treating the condition. Any history of previous injuries must be considered seriously as it can lead to hormonal problems which can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

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