Effective Tips to Quit Smoking


Effective Tips to Quit Smoking

Everyone is well aware of the lethal impact of smoking on one’s overall health. In fact, many smokers plan to quit smoking but the urge to smoke is so high and intense that it overtakes the self-determination to live a healthy life. Therefore, we’ve formulated a guide to assist smokers in getting rid of this habit.

Find Your Fierce Motivation

Your first job is to find the most intense motivational factor which will surpass the crazy urge to light the cigarette. It can be to protect your loved ones from secondhand smoke or to feel and look younger or any other factor you find significant.

Be Well-Prepared Beforehand

Smoking is addictive. Hence, you need to take practical measures before quitting. Be prepared to deal with the withdrawal effects. Consult a medical practitioner to have a complete know-how of quit-smoking medications, classes and counseling.

Opt For Nicotine-Replacement Therapy

Once you quit smoking, the withdrawal effects will cause severe headache, mood swings, nausea, frustration, insomnia and lethargy. The cravings can get so intense that you might feel you’re losing your mind! Therefore, take help from nicotine-replacement therapies such as nicotine lozenges, gums and skin patches to curb your cravings.

Take Help from Prescription Pills

If you give in to your cravings and decide to take a drag or two, then it’s best to take help from such prescription medicines which make nicotine consumption dissatisfying for your body. You can also opt for general relaxation medicines such as anxiolytics, antidepressants and sedatives for temporary relief from the cravings.

Take Help from Your Loved Ones

It’s absolutely fine to show your vulnerable side to your trusted friends and family members and to ask for their emotional support. You can also choose to consult a counselor or join a support group. There are many behavioral and motivational therapies which help smokers with smoking cessation strategies. For instance, calculate the amount of money you’ll be able to save by quitting smoking and what exciting activities you can carry out with that extra money.

Indulge In Other Activities

Distract yourself by getting involved in other interesting activities, such as partying with friends, listening to your favorite music, going for a road trip, paying a visit to spas and salons and so on. You can also acquire a new hobby like working for an NGO, adopting a pet or whatever holds your interest. Avoid difficult situations and don’t stress yourself during the initial weeks after you quit smoking.

Stay Away From Alcohol

Alcohol potentiates the urge to smoke. So try to decrease your alcohol consumption right after you quit smoking. Also avoid other triggers such as caffeinated products.

Clean Your House

Since you’ve stopped smoking, it’s now time to clean your house of all the lighters and ashtrays. Clean your draperies, carpets and upholstery. Wash all your clothes which smell of smoke. Use air fresheners excessively to get rid of the scent of cigarettes. Be sure that you don’t smell or keep anything that reminds you of your habit.

Give Yourself Small Treats

Don’t deprive yourself of any other cravings right after you quit smoking. You can ditch the diet plan for a while. Munch on your favorite snacks and chocolates or any other food that makes you happy.
Always remember, whether you think you can do it or not, you can do it if you try! Find your innermost strength and kill the urge to smoke before this urge kills you!

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