Facts That Men Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction


Facts That Men Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition which affects millions of men worldwide, and the number increases drastically with years passing by. But as it is a condition which most of them are ashamed to bring into light, the percentage of men who have not taken any treatment for ED is high. It is important to know certain facts about erectile dysfunction so that you will be aware of the seriousness of the condition. As ED affects even the personality of a person by having a direct impact on their confidence, it is something which should be treated as soon as detected. Here are some facts about erectile dysfunction:

ED is a common problem and but you don’t have to live with it

Although ED can be a part of your life when you get old, it doesn’t mean that it is normal, and you have to live with it for the entire life. You can go for treatment if you feel it is hindering your sex life. Many men who are older enjoy sex in their senior seasons, so there is nothing like you have to accept the way it is.

Most people who think they have ED don’t actually have ED

Older people often complain about not being able to hold erections as long as they could when they were young. This doesn’t mean that they have erectile dysfunction. It is normal to have erectile dissatisfaction when you get older, but as long as it is not impossible you are absolutely fine.

You are not the only one

One of the reasons which hold you back from about discussing ED with people is that you feel you alone are facing this problem. But ED is a condition which millions of people suffer from, and you don’t need to have to think like you are alone. Holding yourself back from opening up about the condition can only lead to more inconveniences. So it is equally important in seeking adequate treatment if you are in need of it.

Medications need not work always

There a lot of drugs which are made to help men who have ED but in most of the case, it doesn’t work as desired. May be some cases, they might a need a heavier dose, but it always comes with side effects.

Erectile dysfunction can lead to prostate cancer

Prostate cancer will not develop due to ED, but certain treatment you take for ED can cause prostate cancer. The surgery you undergo to remove the whole prostate gland or the radiation therapy can be the cause of prostate cancer.


Most people are hesitant to talk regarding the facts about erectile dysfunction and due to this, they have to face problems in their sexual life. But today, there are many treatments which can help you with solving your erectile dysfunction problems. You simply need to see a doctor whenever you feel like there is a problem and be open while discussing the condition. Admitting that you have a problem is the first step towards resolving it.

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