How to deal with fever without spending a penny


How to deal with fever without spending a penny

There are some home remedies for fever that you can do instead of rushing to buy some medication. The most important thing is to ensure that the temperatures are lowered. As a matter of fat, fever sometimes helps the body fight off infection. Sometimes it is advisable to just let it take its course. However, when the fever is persistent, you may have to deal with it. This article highlights some of the ways through which you can deal with fever without having to spend a penny.

Stay indoors

You need to lower the fever, not raise it up. One way of doing this is by staying indoors. In case you are outside, stay in the shade. Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight.

Put on light clothing

If you have put on heavy clothing, it would be quite helpful if you removed layers of clothing. This will enable you lose heat more easily through your skin. Dress in a light layer. If you are shivering, take a light blanket until you are warm again.

Use a fan

You can use a fan to cool things down. However, this does not mean that you should be chilled. Ensure that you keep the fan at a low setting. It should circulate the air around you. Don’t blow it directly on you.

Take plenty of fluids

This can help you naturally break a fever. You should take fluids and chilled foods. This could include things such as yogurt and ice pops. This will help cool your body from inside. It also helps you keep dehydrated.

Take a sponge bath or a lukewarm tub bath.

As the water evaporates from your skin, it will cool you and also bring your temperatures down. You should not use cold water. It can make you shiver and also cause your body temperature to rise. Another thing that you should not use is rubbing alcohol. It can cause a temperature spike and can even cause alcohol poisoning.

Do not cover up

Shivering and fever chills are some of the first symptoms of a fever. Naturally, you may want to cover up. However, it is important that you avoid all covers especially if there is sweating or excessive heat. If you have to, cover yourself up with soft fabrics. This method ensures that you stay cool as heat escapes.

Cold compress

You can take a clean piece of cloth then soak it in some cool water. Next, wring it out and use it as a cold compress. You can change it every ten minutes. Another thing that you could use is a pair of clean socks. After soaking them in cool water, wring them out and then tie them around your ankles.

Get enough rest.

Resting as much as you can also helps you out with the fever. This allows your system to recharge. It gets more strength. Do not exhaust yourself.
Starve your fever
Do not eat plenty of food.

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