How to Detoxify Your Body Using Maharishi Ayurveda


How to Detoxify Your Body Using Maharishi Ayurveda

Maharishi Ayurveda is an extremely beneficial program for the internal detoxification of the body. It’s mostly recommended during the spring season because it’s the time of year when the natural rejuvenating mechanisms of the body are also highly activated. There are three phases of a complete Maharishi Ayurvedic detoxification procedure, which include preparation, clean-up and post-cleansing.

Preparation Phase (For 15 Days)

Following the Detoxification Diet

The foods such as canned, packaged and frozen foods, foods containing chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and leftover meals, tend to produce toxins in the body which are called ‘Ama’. Therefore, such foods must be avoided. The Ama-decreasing foods must be consumed regularly. Such foods are majorly the vegetarian meals which include freshly-cooked flatbreads, dhals and soups, and green vegetables cooked with minimal spices, pulses and whole grains.
Fresh fruits such as apples, papaya, pears, figs, prunes and pineapples should also be eaten regularly. Detoxification tea such as green tea and honey water also works tremendously to flush the harmful toxins out of your body.

Following the Detoxification Routine

It’s mandatory to have a proper sleeping schedule in order to support the natural detoxification process of your body. It’s highly recommended to wake up at around 6 a.m. and sleep before 10p.m. at night. Similarly, regular exercises such as walking, jogging, cycling and swimming also help body’s purification processes by aiding the digestive procedures.
Body massages such as ‘Abhyanga’ also loosen the deeply-rooted body impurities and remove them from through the movement of bowel. The skin massage oils are also formulated to enter the superficial layers of skin and cleanse the inner-most skin layers and tissues.

Clean-Up Process (For 45 Days)

After following the detoxification diet and daily routine, it’s now the time to cleanse your body through some ayurvedic medicines. These medicines are completely safe with no side effects and prove to be highly beneficial for detoxification procedures.
About 2 to 4 capsules of ‘Herbal Cleanse’ or 2 to 5 tablets of ‘Organic Digest Tone’ medications should be consumed every night before going to bed, in order to aid the bowel cleansing.
Two tablets of ‘Elim-Tox’ should be taken every morning and evening to purify the blood, liver, digestive system and the sweat glands of the body.
Two tablets of ‘Organic Genitrac’ should be taken every morning and evening for the purification of urinary system and to eliminate the toxins from the body through the urine.


After the clean-up procedure, you are bound to feel much energetic, light, and blissful. You may even experience a miraculous weight loss. Now it’s time to transit into your normal routine and dietary habits. It’s recommended to gradually add some heavier items to your meal such as meat or dairy products. Take plenty of rest after the cleansing procedure and don’t exhaust your body.
You’re also recommended to take ‘Rasayanas’ which are maharishi ayurvedic formulae for improving body’s overall health and vitality. These Rasayanas include ‘Amrit’ and ‘Vital Man’ or ‘Vital Lady’. Since you’ve already cleansed your body through natural detoxification and ayurvedic medicines, these Rasayanas will effectively rejuvenate and nourish your whole physiology.
So try this miraculous Maharishi Ayurveda and transform your overall health for good!

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