How to recover from pregnancy related woes


How to recover from pregnancy related woes

To become a mom is a wonderful experience, but many moms do confuse after their pregnancy, how to recover from pregnancy related issues and to get back to shape. Most of the first time moms are unprepared to face the undaunting difficulties after their first pregnancy. They become clueless what to do and how to handle certain situations. Let’s have a look at some ways how to handle after pregnancy woes. These tips can be useful not only to first-time moms but also to others who are expecting babies.

1   Increased recovery time

Commonly it is told that six weeks are mandatory for a complete recovery for women who had a normal delivery while C-section deliveries usually take more time to heal. However, taking into account the bruises, swelling and episiotomy stitches more time is needed for complete recovery. For C-section, 12 weeks are mandatory to recover from the abdominal surgery. The uterus enlarges back a little after delivery, and there may be slight hormonal disturbance resulting in increased acne, hairball and night sweat till the body returns to its normal state. Absolute rest during this period is a must and will ease many of the problems that might occur.

2   Increased bathroom breaks

Women who had normal delivery may feel excessive urinal urge because of the stretching of the muscles during the delivery. The stretching might have caused mild temporary damage to the nerve muscles of the bladder hence the urinal urge. Try not to resist that urge as it may only exist temporarily. The solution is to practice Kegel exercises that will help relax your pelvic floor muscles.

3   Keeping stock of Disposable Mesh Undies

Be it normal delivery or C-section, there will be vaginal bleeding heavier than that during the period. This increased secretion will be due to the bleeding from the site where the placenta was attached and also due to the shedding of the thick layer of the uterine lining that was present around the baby. Keeping good stocks of medical grade sanitary napkins are good. They must be mesh-shaped and can easily hold maxi pads. The bleeding will stop within six weeks after delivery.

4   Breast engorgement

This condition is common among many first time moms. Breast Engorgement is caused by the third and fourth days of delivery when the breasts begin to fill with milk. It can cause soreness and discomfort. The solution is to place ice packs on the breasts or taking warm compresses.

5   Avoid household chores for a while

The body will be weak after delivery, and there will be various reasons for this, such as soared muscles and hormonal imbalance, etc. The body weaknesses are taken care of by having nutritious food intake. As a result, the lost health can be restored and meantime that will be a reason for gaining weight. Weight gain after delivery may be an issue of concern for first-time moms. There is nothing to worry about it, as it is part of the game. During the early recouping period, avoid heavy household chores like cleaning; cooking that involves muscle strain for a few weeks.

6   Getting back to shape

Special workout secessions are available that are easy to do without hurting your body muscle that are already in a fragile condition. Regular workout under a qualified instructor can help you get back your body shape.
It is strongly advised to let your body settle back naturally before you try to do some apparent effort. Delivery is a natural reality, and related body complications are part of it. Allow the recommended cooling time and plan your recovering process by consulting with a qualified professional.

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