How to Regain Your Shape after Pregnancy


How to Regain Your Shape after Pregnancy

Weight gain is a common issue during pregnancy because of weird cravings for high-fat diet and release of certain hormones in the body which are associated with weight gain. However, you don’t have to live with all those extra pounds of weight post childbirth. We’ve compiled a guide about how to lose weight effectively after pregnancy.

Get Started During Pregnancy

It’s normal to have food cravings during pregnancy, but you do need to keep a check and balance on your diet. For instance, don’t start consuming a cheesecake for breakfast or an extra large bag of chips as an evening snack on a regular basis. The cravings should be tamed as it will benefit you significantly later on. Also, don’t become a lazy bee after pregnancy. Make it a habit to walk around or jog at least once a day. It will have a positive effect on your weight and also improve your blood flow.

Light Exercise after Giving Birth

After your body has recuperated for about four to six weeks post-birth, you should start light exercises and weight training in order to lose weight. There’s no need to buy weights or to join any gym. You can simply hold your baby to the chest and start doing lunges. You can also hold your newborn above the chest, get on your back and start doing the presses.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The sleep cycles of mothers get immensely disturbed because of the baby’s needs. This affects the normal metabolic processes of the body and hinders in weight reduction. Therefore, getting proper sleep should be your first priority. Get your own sleep while your baby is sleeping instead of catching up on household chores. Make sure you don’t suffer from chronic sleep deficit.

Try Natural Remedies for Weight Loss

These natural remedies will decrease your hunger and help you lose weight

  • Apple cider vinegar twice or thrice a day, in a glass of hot water reduces extra fat.
  • Honey and lime water consumption on a regular basis burns the extra calories.
  • Green tea and tea prepared from plum leaves have excellent weight loss properties.
  • Consume a cabbage dish at least once a day for massive weight loss. It’s high is dietary fiber and low in fat content.
  • Munch on high-fiber foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, spinach or celery as an evening snack.
  • Acai berry juice at least twice a day can have a positive impact on weight loss.

Reconstruct Your Complete Eating Philosophy

You may have been a little lenient with yourself while being pregnant, but it’s now time to get back on track and keep a strict control over your diet and dietary schedule.

  • Have proper meal spacing. Don’t eat unhealthy snacks like chocolate or chips at inappropriate hours.
  • Skinless poultry, beans and fish should be a regular part of your meals as they contain healthy protein and fiber which will curb your hunger and nourish your body.
  • Consume whole-grains, vegetables and fresh fruits as they contain necessary vitamins and minerals and have no impact on your weight.
  • Only low-fat dairy items like skimmed milk or low-fat cheese should be consumed.

Hence, if you’re worried about all those irritable extra pounds of fat post-birth, start implementing these tips and get back in your desired shape.

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