What is Autism? – Autism fact list


What is Autism? – Autism fact list

The apprehension of autism has been of great benefit to both the parents of the child and to the clinicians who employ their professional skills to alter such behavior change. Autism is simply a neurological disorder that occurs in children below three years of age and is associated with disturbance in normal mental development. The children who later become victims experience difficulties in ensuring normal interaction with their peers, communication disabilities and mental disorders. As a matter of fact, their general demeanor varies to a great extent to that displayed by other normal children. This article lists the key facts that are associated with this condition. These include the following.

• The occurrence of autism has rose higher as compared to early ages. Today, the ratio stands at 1 children affected in every 68 who are born. This is an acquit indication that the guardians should monitor the behavior of their children so that in case they note any alteration in the same, they can promptly seek good medical assistance from qualified health personnel.

• The incidence of this disorder is three to four times much higher in boys than girls but the children below 3 years are affected in all races. Nonetheless, this does not mean that parents should neglect the girl child behavior they are also predisposed to developing this condition.

• With regards to communication disabilities, most of the affected children, that is, approximately 40 percent are unable to speak at all. The condition therefore makes them dump. In some cases, they have a good sense of hearing. 25 to 30 percent of the affected children can initially utter some words but when they reach 12 to 18 months, they become unable to do so and hence also become dumb. If you notice this condition, you should immediately call for aid from a qualified doctor.

• The condition deviates from one person to another. That is to say, it is relatively impossible to find two people having similar symptoms of this disease. There will be acquit variations between the two people. When a certain symptom is evident in one person, it will be quite impossible to find the exact symptom in the other nearest person.

• Other conditions that come along with this disorder include the fragile x syndrome, the bowel disorder, epilepsy, allergies and asthmatic conditions, conditions that are associated with gastrointestinal tract, the Tourette syndrome, sleeping disturbances and the inflammation of the body neurons. Therefore, one should be in a position to make a clear distinction whether the disorder is due to autism or whether it is primarily manifesting itself. Nevertheless, with a good cognition of autism, this should not give you a hard time.

• Autism is the most advancing disorder with regards to children development. However, the cases are ever rising simply because very little money has been set aside to curb with it. The disease therefore gets it easier to affect as multiple children as possible.

You most probably do not want your child to experience these challenges. You need therefore to be a keen observant so that in case you notice the symptoms, you can contact your doctor for quick help.

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