What Is The Wheat Belly Diet


What Is The Wheat Belly Diet

Earning quite a bad reputation recently, wheat is not as popular as it used to be in earlier times. While the innovative measures of agriculture have forced the amount of cultivation of the crop to go up, the qualitative attributes of the crop definitely developed. It came at the cost of endangering the human life when consumed. The grain also became easier to bake with. It is very unfortunate that this up-gradation of the quality transformed wheat into an ingredient that is harmful for the health – especially for those who have been attempting too hard to shed pounds.

Understanding The Basic Tenets:

Basically, wheat belly plan is designed to cater you to the need of having food without wheat. You can enrich your diet plan with natural foods such as eggs, nuts, vegetables, fish, poultry and other meals as well. With specific restrictions like using only healthy oils i.e. olive oil, less spicy food will make sure that you accomplish your goal in no time. Eating fruit is also considered an important part of it. One or two weekly will help you to gain the naturally grown fructose in fruit that is a simple carbohydrate. Elimination of any sort of fast food, processed snacks, junk food is mandatory. You must also drink plenty of water in a day.

How Does The Wheat Belly Diet Work?

It has been researched when you cut off wheat from your diet, you will eat about 400 less calories a day than you normally would. This calorie deficit alone is capable enough to add up to a pound of weight loss per week. The biggest truth in this game is that anything that is going to cut loose the calories works as losing weight is a numbers game. You will have to make sure that you eat fewer calories than you will be able to burn and consequently, you will lose weight.

Sample Menu Of The Diet

You can start your day with the plain yogurt with berries and almonds in it. Lunch can be done with grilled chicken breast with salsa, ½ cup brown rice and steamed vegetables. Baked eggplant topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato remains perfect for the dinner.

Pros Of The Diet

There are a bunch of pros that you can gain from this diet. The first thing is, the more you stick to the weight, more you will be able to lose weight. In a time span of 3 to 6 months, it is totally feasible to lose 25 to 30 pounds, depending on your age, gender and physical activity. Another advantage of this diet is that you do not have to count calories every time you eat something. All you will need to be eliminated the wheat.

Cons Of The Diet

As this diet is restrictive, it might appear hard to restrict yourself sometimes from not eating wheat products. As the cookies, breads and even pasta are very enticing, you might have to put a eye on yourself.

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