Why breast cancer is common among women


Why breast cancer is common among women

Unlike in the past when breast cancer was not quite a major issue of concern, women are currently at the greatest risk of getting the same. The cases have gone to very high levels such that most of the victims end up losing their lives simply due to poor or late diagnosis. Therefore, in case the particular symptoms of breast cancer are evident after a physical examination, also known as palpation, the patient should be referred to qualified doctor to surgically remove the lumps. A needle can however be alternatively employed in cases where the cancer has not spread and the lumps are quite small. However, even though it is commonest in females, it does not mean that it does not exist in makes.

Anatomy of the breast

When compared to men, the female breasts are more predisposed to cancer owing to their anatomical architecture such as the fat deposits and the connective tissue. Therefore, it is easy for lumps to grow up in these tissues without being noticed.

The menopause period

One of the major reasons why this is common in women especially in their late 50’s when they are in the menopause is the hormone estrogen. The depletion of this hormone when women can no longer has been linked to this type of cancer. This is unlike in males who do not experience any menopause stage in their lifetime. However, if hormone replacement therapy is done at this time of life, there will be ameliorations in the incidence of this disease.

Late screening

Most of the women, who are diagnosed with breast cancer when it is in its advanced stages, normally, go for the screening when it is too late. At this stage, the only aid they can receive is total mastectomy where all the breasts are surgically removed. If they can be encouraged through education and creating awareness, this condition can improve greatly and most women will adopt going for regular checkups so that in case there is any lump formation in the breast, effective measures can be taken to curb with the situation.


Even after screening and they are found to have the breast cancer, most women still end up neglecting the entire situation and strive to seek no medical attention. This should not be the case since once the disease progresses to severe levels; it might be quite difficult to control it. As a lady therefore, always take the initiative of asking your doctor to prescribe the appropriate medication for you. Obtaining positive results after the screen does not mean it is a death sentence. If proper care and medication are administered, the patient can completely heal from it. Do not wait until the critical condition as this can easily lead to death.

Inadequate income

In cases where women do not meet the cash requirement for the screening and treatment of the cancer, most of them give up on the way and only wait for their fate, in which it is most likely death. This is in comparison to men who will seek for appropriate medical care and on time.

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