Why should I use birth control pills?


Why should I use birth control pills?

This is a common question that is asked by most women. In an attempt to provide effective answers to it, this article provides acquit information pertinent to both parents and the clinician. Before you probably pose yourself this question, you should have thought and answered yourself to satisfaction. If you just employ them without any good reason, they might instill harmful side effects that you might not like at the end. Consider each of them keenly.

To prevent unwanted pregnancy

As a couple, the best pregnancy comes when you have both planned for and made an agreement about when the woman shall acquire it. However, in most cases, the couple might still want to enjoy sex without any expectations of pregnancy lingering in their mind. Therefore, in order to avoid such risky cases, it is wiser to employ birth control pills. You will enjoy without fear or any panic within you. If you neglect and get pregnancies that are unplanned for, you might experience difficulties in managing your family growth owing to the fact that the world economy has moved to a higher notch.

As a protective measure against ovarian cancer

There are multiple women who become victims of ovarian cancer. This is a dangerous disease that is also fatal and hence, can cause death when it is not diagnosed early on time. It has been proved that the use of birth control can reduce this incidence by a great value. Therefore, most of the women who are predisposed on the same will have greater chances of survival given that they cohere to the doctor’s instructions on how to use the pills.

Prevention against ovarian cysts

As a matter of fact, ovarian cysts are also common among most women of child bearing age. In this case, the ovaries fail to develop to maturity and instead form cysts which cannot produce functional eggs that can be fertilized by the sperm in the ampulla. In short, the woman cannot get pregnant and is at the risk of getting malignant cancer. However, when birth control pills are used, there are higher chances that the woman will not suffer from these conditions.

The pills provide protection against endometriosis and painful periods

You have probably witnessed women who suffer from extreme pain when they commence their periods. These can become too painful such they start experiencing other complications such as severe headache among others. This condition is caused by a problem in the endometrium known as endometriosis. Women who suffer from it can simply use the birth control pills. As a result they will not become pregnancy before the right time; neither will they experience any pain they might have been suffering from.

To prevent anemia

It is true that most of the pregnant mothers become anemic once they enter the third trimester. The anemia in this case is not primary but secondary to the pregnancy. You do not have to wait to be diagnosed with it. All you need to do is to use birth control pills for a certain period of time and you will be okay.

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